Hutto, TX

Hutto doesn’t have a zoo, but it does have a zoo animal as its mascot.

from ABOR Communities Page

Hutto is a modern suburb with historical roots and unique charms. Both the town and school district mascot is a hippo, and you’ll even find a seven-ton concrete Hippo in the town. Part of the small-town comfort associated with Hutto are the local tales such as the 1915 escape of a circus hippo into their town. While the area might have rural area feel to it, you’ll still find modernization efforts as seen through the house construction boom of 2010 to 2019 when the town population increased by 70%. The town still holds to its agricultural roots as seen by their preservation projects that created event venues such as the Fin at the Co-Op District. Between the population growth and the innovation, this city is primed for a promising economic future.

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